Professional Association of Electronics, Automatic Control and Telecommunications Engineers - EAT

The section has a mission to promote the value and challenges of the engineering profession in the field of electronics, automation and telecommunications, all with the aim of creating an environment of a technological society at the service of man, relying on domestic forces.

Plan of work and activities of the section

  • Assistance in the preparation of projects and documentation related to systems in the subject area,
  • Professional assistance and work on legal regulations and standards in the field of EAT,
  • Acquaintance with new technologies in the field of EAT essential for the development of society as a whole,
  • Quality improvement of projects that contain electronic and telecommunication devices as well as automatic control devices,
  • Organization of professional workshops, webinars, as well as publication of a professional magazine.

Section leadership

Other members of the executive board:

mr. Džemo Mustafić, dipl.inž.el.
mr. Kemal Mrkonja, dipl.inž.el.
mr. Nejra Dervišević, dipl.inž.el.
Hamzalija Karadža, dipl.inž.el.
mr. Sanjin Čekić, dipl.inž.el.


Latest news

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